So I have created a blog… What was I thinking?

The Pantheon

The newlyweds in front of the Pantheon in Rome, Italy

What in the world was I thinking?  What would possess me to create a blog?  Who would want to read my ramblings, much less care about anything I had to say?  I’ve always taken the occurrences of my life and written about them, but usually I emailed my thoughts to a select few… the “safe” few that know me well and love me anyway.  So where did this blog idea come from?  Let me start with my motivation:  Our honeymoon to Italy

My husband and I were married in late October atop the beautiful and scenic Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, Colorado.  Less than one week later, we were on a plane bound for Rome, Italy to begin our honeymoon.  My husband has traveled extensively, but I haven’t been anywhere that you couldn’t get to on a charter flight.  I was very excited AND nervous about my first overseas trip.

I planned accordingly being the “planner” that I am.  I had gone over my packing lists, made copies of important documents, gave family our itineraries and I thought I was properly prepared for this new adventure.  In hindsight, I was prepared to travel to Italy.  What I wasn’t prepared for were the numerous lessons I would learn while we worked our way through Rome, Florence, and many Tuscany towns.  The lessons in love, humanity, human nature, and many other things will serve as my first few blog posts.

So please stay tuned and join me on my blogging journey.  More to come soon…


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