How We Survived Long Distance Dating – Part 1

So many of our friends and acquaintences are in long distance relationships right now and trying to find ways to feel engaged and connected from afar.  After the Valentine’s Day post hit my blog, I received all kinds of messages asking for advice.  I don’t consider myself an expert on much, but in this category my husband and I could have earned a masters degree!  We lived a thousand miles apart and long distance dated for approximately two years.  We learned a few things along the way, and are now happily married and living in the same space.  How did we make it through?

We have lot’s of creative ideas to make the times between visits less painful, and I’d love to share them with you.  You may discover new ideas and add a little pizzaz to your long distance relationship. I’ll break it down into a few different posts so the blog doesn’t get to long.  We’ll start with Skype.

If you and your Sweetie don’t live in the same town, chances are you’re already communicating via Skype on a regular basis.  It seems to be the life line of all long distance dating couples.  It provides that all important glimpse of your partner as close to “live and in person” as you can get without actually being there.  Skype is good, but are you using it as creatively as possible?   Here are a couple of ways my husband and I used the video program while we were dating with a thousand miles in between:

Connect during mealtime.  Steve and I would make a breakfast date on Saturday or Sunday mornings.  Of course, for one of us it would be brunch due to the time difference, but the point is we would share a meal; so to speak.  Skype would be up and running as our laptops sat on the kitchen counter and became a normal part of food prep.  We would share recipes, chop, cook, and eat together.  All the while; getting caught up on the details of the week we may not have been able to cover earlier due to busy schedules. We both would have cooked ourselves a meal, eaten and had to clean up the kitchen anyway, so why not be communicating at the same time?  We had some wonderful talks during breakfast!  It was slow, leisurely time that seemed much longer since we didn’t wait till after mealtime to connect.

Watch a movie together.  This can prove to be technically challenging at times due to connection speeds and such, but one of us would pick a DVD and play the movie on our laptop.  Simultaneously we would have Skype up and running, and the person who was playing the DVD would share their screen through Skype with the other.  We could talk through the movie, interacting the whole time.  When there’s a lot of miles in between, talking through a movie isn’t annoying.  It certainly doesn’t replace holding hands and sharing a box of popcorn, but when you’re a thousand miles apart you get creative!  Using the “share screen” funtion opens up a wide variety of options for incorporating variety into your video connection.

As you can see, aside from the all important digital “face to face” goodnights, there are other ways you can utilize video programs in your long distance relationship.  Whether its Facebook Video chat,  Skype, or Facetime, look for creative ways to connect using these all important video tools.  I’m here to tell you that it is worth the effort!

Stay tuned for more long distance dating tips, but in the meantime I’d love to hear what you and your Sweetie do to stay connected and engaged while miles apart.

Remember:  It’s worth it!


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