Friday Night Date Nite – Our unexpected first experience at Hamburger Mary’s

Steve and I love date nite!  After a busy week, it’s a time to get out and enjoy an evening together away from home.  It’s a priority for us and last night  was no exception.  Although we had made plans to meet Steve’s son and his son’s girlfriend at a restaurant in Denver, we had time to kill so we decided to take some time for ourselves head over to that neighborhood and have a happy hour libation.

It was a beautiful 78 degree evening in Denver, full of sun and lots of hustle and bustle in the neighborhood.  People were out walking their dogs, tooling around on bikes, couples were walking hand in hand; you get the idea.  If you weren’t outside doing something, you were missing out.

It was such a beautiful evening and we wanted to sit outside if possible.  We set out in search of a patio bar.  What caught our eye about this place was that the entire front of the building was made of “garage door like” walls and they were all up!  Although it wasn’t “outdoor seating” they’d brought the outdoors in.   We’d found our happy hour joint!   “Hamburger Mary’s” and it looked like great fun!

Hamburger Mary's Denver

Hamburger Mary’s – Denver, CO

There was a door man out front checking IDs’ and a police man standing right next to him making sure things were done properly.  We didn’t mind though, at our age, we’ll gladly show our ID’s and pretend in our heads that we look young enough for it to be a possibility that we aren’t legal drinking age.

We worked our way to the bar and found two stools, which we quickly claimed.  This place was hoppin’!  The energy was fantastic and the employees were attentive and super friendly.  The bar was decorated in neon colors and lots of nostalgic photos of movie stars from a bygone era.

Our bartender, Christopher, was very busy and made sure we knew that he knew we were there, and would be with us in a moment.  It’s a good thing we were on swivel stools, because Steve and I were were rubber neckin’ all over the place.  There was so much to take in… so much to see!

When Christopher had a moment free we ordered a mint mojito and had a lively conversation with him as he prepared our cocktail request.  Just as we were treated so kindly by Christopher, he called out to a group of men behind us, “Hi Honeys!  Will it be the usual?”  He expertly drew their beers and finished our order all at the same time, doing it all with flare and a big beautiful smile.

Hamburger Mary statue

Steve and I toasted and clinked our glasses in honor of the beautiful weather and to “us”.  He excused himself to the restroom and I swiveled around on my stool to see what I could see.  The food being brought to people’s tables looked fantastic.  People looked happy.  Even with the walls rolled up, the lively chatter was loud and energetic.  I noticed that the wait staff was made up of mostly men.  Really beautiful men.  Men with eyelashes that women would pay huge amounts of money for.  Men with perfect teeth and beautiful smiles.  Men with svelt bodies and golden spray on tans.  These men were pretty.  Not handsome, but pretty.

Steve returned to his swivel stool post and we both said at the same time, “I think we’re at a gay bar”.  Of course!  Now that we took another look through enlightened eyes it seemed pretty obvious.

** Now before you get any ideas that we’re prejudiced or poking fun, you need to know that Steve and I are very tolerant and open to all expressions of love.  In our eyes, love is love.  Period.**

So as we were looking around the bar we noticed signs for “Maryoke”, “Dream Girls Review” and “Slut Bingo”, we must know more!  Christopher told us that the “Dream Girls Review” was a musical review done in drag and “Maryoke” was a karaoke night hosted by big, harry men in dresses and covered in glitter.  Every Tuesday and Thursday night Hamburger Mary’s also hosts “Slut Bingo”.  All proceeds go to charity and each month the charity changes.  The event is hosted by a singing, bitchy, drag duo who entertains the crowd in between bingo calls.  How much fun would that be?!?

Me and Miss Carla summer 2011

In that moment my thoughts went to Carla and how much she would have LOVED this place!   Carla is my oldest and dearest friend.  She was one of the most loving and accepting people I’d ever met and oh how she loved a good drag show!  I say “was” because she lost her battle with adrenal cancer earlier this year, and consequently, left a whole in my heart about the size of her love for all people.  In that moment I knew she was with me.   Oh how much fun it would have been to get the girls together for a weekend getaway to Denver and play “Slut Bingo” in honor of Miss Carla!?!

So suffice it to say, Steve and I WILL be going to Hamburger Mary’s to play “Slut Bingo” when the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

Thank you Hamburger Mary’s and your team of fun, kind, and very pretty employees.  We had a great experience and we will be back!


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  1. Oh! This place looks like so fuch fun!! I love how you sucked me in by giving all kinds of wonderful details and then how you looked around and noticed that all of the watiers were men….and good looking…and how you slowly began to realize it was a gay bar. I had a very similar experience in college. A friend, her boyfriend and I went to downtown Minneapolis for a sociology project. Her professor asked them to soak in the Minneapolis culture and mentioned a few places to check out–one suggested place was The Gay 90’s…a bar the professor claimed was no longer a gay bar. We walked in, got a space at the bar, and ordered drinks. My friend’s boyfriend also excused himself to the bathroom, as Steve did. While he was gone, my friend and I, like you, noticed that most of the bartenders, waiters & clientele were male…and flirting with one another and ignoring the fact that we were even there (two beautiful 22 year olds….how strange!)…that’s when we realized that The Gay 90’s was in fact still a gay bar! My friends boyfriend had figured that out in the bathroom…he came out, white as a ghost…us girls had a GREAT BIG laugh out of that!!! I can’t wait to visit Hamburger Mary’s with you!! Yes, Carla would have LOVED it!! And that story!! I can hear her laughter now!!

  2. What an awesome tribute to your friend! My hairdresser does shows at Hamburger Mary’s here in the Tampa Bay area…what a blast! I lost my dad to cancer several years ago and couldn’t think of a better cause Mindy!

  3. Very good writing! You had me sucked in with all your detail – I couldn’t wait to see what was so special about this place! Loved the twist 🙂

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