May 24th National Tiara Day – Never doubt the power of the tiara!

May 24, 2012 is National Tiara Day!

Today is National Tiara Day!

Long before I realized there was actually a National Tiara Day, I have been in love with this sparkly party for your head!  My friends and I would don our favorite rhinestone clad head pieces to remind ourselves that we were strong, powerful, and could do anything we put our minds to.  We were always ready to use them as a way to lift spirits, celebrate friendships and provide a theme to an outing or get together.  My tiara loving sisters and I would proudly don our favorite royal headwear and laugh until we cried.      You see…  something happens when you put on a tiara.

Carla and I celebrating National Tiara Day 2009

From the moment you put it on, it’s hard not to feel special!  You stand taller, smile bigger, laugh louder and feel stronger.  As a matter of fact, in our circle of friends we would call out for “a tiara day”.  That was an SOS call of sorts, and usually meant that someone was having a tough day in one way or another.  That was all the others would need to text photos of themselves in their favorite head pieces, along with a little note of encouragement.  Empowering and uplifting one another!

Kim, Me & Carla celebrating Angels & Tiaras Night 2009, a baseball outing

Historically they were for royal families or women of high society, but I choose to look at them from a different perspective.  I don’t see the tiara as a way to elevate myself above anyone in status or class.  The tiara signifies inner strength and beauty; a way to embrace and celebrate your powers of leadership, and give yourself permission to think a little differently.

When one of my very best friends, Carla Kelley, was diagnosed with adrenal cancer, she used the tiara to dig deep for inner strength to fight her battle.  She could be seen gracing the halls of Mayo Clinic/Hospital in a tiara, leopard print and carrying her wand, all symbolizing power, strength, humor and a GREAT attitude in fighting her battle with style and grace.  Carla lost her battle in January of this year, but her mantra lives on in so many of us:  “I am a strong and powerful woman and I can do ANYTHING”.

So on this day, May 24th, 2012, I challenge you to wear your tiara proudly and profess your inner power and strength!  If you don’t have an actual tiara, that’s okay!  Wear your imaginary one and profess away!  Never forget:  YOU area a strong and powerful woman and you can do ANYTHING!!!


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  1. We are Strong! We are Powerful! We can do Anything! We are PRINCESSES!! 🙂 Love you, girl!

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