First Work Out Reflections

This is EXACTLY how I felt!

I’d like to say that my first workout with the trainer was “amazing” or “awesome” and that I left the gym feeling  invigorated and ready to face whatever comes my way…  but if I did that, I’d be lying.  Oh, I started out with witty banter and a great attitude, but by the end of my designated hour I couldn’t speak, couldn’t look my trainer in the eye and felt like a nauseous, sweaty, crybaby mess.  That’s right…  I cried!  I was surprised by how emotional I became by the end of  the session.    Where did THAT come from?

I had to hang on to the railing with both hands to get down the front steps of the building to my car.  Why?  Because I had zero strength in my legs!  From there I fought off the urge to throw up for about an hour before I started to feel like myself again.  The whole time I’m recovering I’m thinking to myself, “Thank goodness I professed my intent publicly or there’s no way I’d go back!”  I had to fight off the urge to blog from my phone right there in the gym parking lot, because I knew that it would be nothing but negative, emotional crap.  You’re welcome.

Then, later that night, I open my email and find a note from my trainer.  Here’s an excerpt of what she had to say to me:

…I also wanted to say that everything you are feeling is extremely normal and part of the process. I really want you to take the time to focus on what you accomplished today.  Although it may have been difficult and draining, YOU DID IT! You completed your first workout and truly did great….Great job today (wether you think it or not) and know that each workout will feel better than the last. I know you can do whatever you set your mind to.”

 Wow!  I allowed myself to marinade on that for a bit and realized that I had accomplished something pretty cool.  I faced my fear/dislike of working out, and I had trusted my trainer.   I did everything she asked me to do even though it was incredibly difficult at times.  My body was screaming in shock, “WTH are you doing to me?”.  Of course it was!  I’ve never done anything remotely close to that before.  All those other times I thought I was working out at the gym… I wasn’t.  Yesterday was different.  Erica made me focus and work hard.  I was sweating!  Thank you Erica!
I look back over the whole experience and I realize that I know nothing about training/nutrition.   Oh, I read articles like everyone else, but in reality I have very little knowledge of the whole process.  So I am going to continue to trust my trainer and follow her guidance.  I have a feeling that I’m going to learn much more than diet and nutrition on this journey.

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