Personal Trainer Week 2: setting goals and creating what you want to be a part of

What are your health and fitness goals?

When it comes to my work life I don’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to reach a goal or become whatever I may be defining as “successful” at the moment.  My mantra has always been:  Sometimes you have to create what you want to be a part of.  Just ask my children.  That little mantra comes in handy for so many of life’s endeavors and they’ve both heard it a time or two in their lives.  It seems to fit for most everything, but I wasn’t applying it to my health and fitness philosophies.  The reason could be that I really didn’t have much of a philosophy at all. I thought that I had to follow what other people were doing and it seemed like something I would never be able be a part of.  What I didn’t realize is that I can create my own personal fitness regimen and goals.  Regimens that work for me and help me attain the goals that I set for myself.   One that allows me to be a part of the “strong and healthy club” that I so admire.  I’m creating what I want to be a part of… one small step at a time.

Many of you have been following along on my personal fitness journey through my blog.  I professed my intent in a post called, “Enough With The Excuses” and I provided a reflection of my first workout with a trainer in “First Workout Reflections”.   If you have been following along, you’ll know that this was week two with the personal trainer and that week one, left me feeling weepy and with the realization that I knew zero about health, wellness and fitness.  A lot has happened since then and before I get into how session two went, allow me to share with you what I learned in between the two sessions:  Small changes can make a big difference.

Raw Protein by Garden of Life – chocolate flavor

My trainer Erica gave me three assignments for the week.   The first was to increase my protein intake and to start every morning with at least 20g of protein.  I went to the health store and purchased Raw Protein™ by Garden of Life.  It’s an organic, vegan, gluten free and dairy free protein powder and I chose the chocolate flavor.  Since my second assignment was to avoid dairy, I purchased vanilla almond milk to mix it with.   The flavor is good, and aside from a slight chalky texture, it’s something I don’t mind drinking at all.

As I continued with the increased protein and the week went on I found I didn’t crave dairy at all, but more obvious to me is what happened regarding my caffeine cravings.  Those that know me best will tell you that I am a coffee freak.  I was a pot a day coffee drinker and I had to have it.   I was amazed with the effects of the protein intake.  I no longer wanted coffee.  Period.  Just like that, I went from a full pot per day down to zero.  No headaches, no nothing!  Amazing!

The last assignment she gave me was to stretch.  Sounds simple enough, but my muscles were in so much pain after that first session that I was lucky if I could get from point A to point B, let alone stretch anything.  I went on a business trip that same week and had some delayed flights and short connection times.  I joked with my husband that it was quite difficult since my hamstrings felt 3 inches shorter and I was already a slow walker!  Needless to say, I called and changed my flight so I didn’t have to put myself through the agony of rushing to the next gate.  However, over time my muscles felt better, I was able to stretch and Erica was right:  It DID feel good!   Three small changes in my life had made a very big difference and I was already feeling less bloated/puffy.  Trust the trainer!

At my second training session my trainer and I talked about how my week went and how I felt after the first session.  We tweaked a few things in my workout and I’m proud to say that this week’s session went MUCH better.  Erica was right and it got easier and I was proud of myself for pushing through and ticking another week off of my training goal.

I shared with her that I’d love to be able to run with my daughter when she comes to visit in July so we made that one of my goals:  to be able run at least a mile by mid-July, and I’m excited!  I’ll have to work hard, but the thought of running side by side with my daughter in the beautiful landscape of Colorado is a great inspiration.

Erica took my height, weight and measurements into consideration and my homework/goal for this week was as follows:

  • Strength train with weights 2x if possible
  • Stretch every day
  • Eat healthy following this philosophy:
    • Total protein intake 60-70g per day
      • 20g at breakfast
      • 15g per meal
      • 5g per snack
  • Total fiber intake per day 30g
  • 6-8 large glasses of water per day
  • Limit total sugar intake (from ALL source) to 100g
  • Keep a food diary
    • Either write down everything I eat or
    • Take a photo with my cell phone

So as I embark on week two of my journey I’m excited.  I trust my trainer and with her homework and my goals in mind, my husband and I are going to start working out together.  We’re planning healthy meals at home and using Erica’s guidelines when we make choices while dining out as well.

I’m taking small but steady steps to create what I want to be a part of:  A strong body and a healthy lifestyle.



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  1. Celebrate EVERY small success – even if it’s just being able to touch your toes! – mindyaltermatt

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